Our Team

Delta Behaviorial Group

Michael MacHose

Analyst, Managing Member
Michael is a board certified behavior analyst and licensed psychological associate practicing throughout the state of North Carolina and the northern tier of South Carolina.  He has broad experience in many settings including supervision of in-home programs, school consultation, clinical consultation, institutional consultation, and group homes.  Michael has been working as a school psychologist and behavior analyst since 2005.  He is experienced in the areas of Verbal Behavior, assessment, early intervention, treatment of severe and aggressive behaviors, deescalation and prevention, and physical management of severe behaviors.

Michael served for six years in the Marine Corps with a history of meritorious service along with three years of service in the Army National Guard.

Marla O’Neill

Clinical Coordinator, BA
Marla is the Clinical Coordinator and prime resource for families and staff at Delta Behavioral Group.  She holds a BA in Human Services from the University of North Carolina.  In addition, she is the parent of a child with autism and knows, firsthand, the benefits of applied behavior analysis.   A former Parent of the Year for the ARC of Mecklenburg County Family Support Network, Marla often attends conferences in order to support local families and remain current with new developments in the field of autism.

Marleah Bouchard

Psychologist Educational Consultant, PsyD
Marleah is a psychologist educational consultant.  She provides assessment, diagnostic and training services and specializes in evaluating individuals with autism, developmental disabilities and ADHD.  She is also on faculty in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy in the College of Education at Winthrop University.  Marleah has experience as an inclusion classroom teacher and as a school psychologist in K-12 schools.

Danielle Bratton

Consultant, MA, BCBA
Danielle is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with an MA in Professional Counseling from Liberty University.   She serves as a consultant for Delta Behavioral Group, and a Ball State University Adjunct Professor for undergraduate studies in behavior analysis.  Ms. Bratton began working in behavior analysis in 2004, and has since served over 700 clients in homes, clinics, schools, and community programs across the country.  She highly values being part of interdisciplinary teams with her history as a counselor certified in personal training, fitness nutrition, and exercise therapy.  Whether providing direct instruction, building positive behavior support systems for school districts, or improving employee performance within organizations, Ms. Bratton’s experience in working with individuals age infancy through adulthood provides her with a deep appreciation for helping others gain greater access to enjoyment in life.