Applied Behavior Analysis Services

Delta Behavioral Group is a premier provider of applied behavior analysis services (ABA) services to individuals, families, schools and institutions. Our experts make change happen using the latest in ABA research. We support clients starting with initial screening/diagnosis, program development, implementation and maintenance.

  • In-home ABA Programs: ¬†development, implementation and monitoring
  • Clinic-based ABA Programs: In collaboration with Pediatric Advanced Therapy at 134 Infield Ct. Mooresville, NC
  • Consultation: in home, clinic based, or via teleconference
  • Custom Training for Schools and Organizations — Behavioral training customized to meet the needs of your staff.
  • Diagnostic and Other Evaluations for Diagnosing: Autism, Intellectual Disability, Behavioral Disorders
    • Autism Diagnostic Observation System (ADOS)
    • Cognitive Evaluations (WISC, Stanford Binet, Woodcock Johnson and others)
    • Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, Second Edition (Vineland-II)
    • Verbal Behavior Milestones¬†Assessment & Placement Program (VB-MAPP)
    • Various academic, social and vocational assessments